Current Job Openings

Cylinder Manufacturing Plant Manager


·      Increasing production, assets capacity and flexibility while minimizing unnecessary costs and maintaining current quality standards.

·   Planning, organizing, directing and running optimum day-to-day operations to exceed our customers' expectations.

·      Overseeing the daily operations of manufacturing plants and their employees.

·      Their duties include hiring and training manufacturing plant employees,

·      Reviewing production records to determine whether employees meet their performance expectations and coordinating with corporate   management to enforce changes to plant budgets or safety procedures.

·      Oversee operations to ensure safety

·      Develop plans that help operations run smoothly

·      Manage production 

·      Create and manage budgets

·      Collect and review data to reduce inefficiencies and waste

·      Analyze data and create reports to present to executives regarding processes

·      Evaluate employees and give suggestions for improvement

·      Oversee work schedules to ensure coverage

·      Perform routine safety checks on equipment 

·      Organizing of preventive, Predictive maintenance on utility and production equipment

·      Breakdown Repair and engineering modification on production machines and dies

·   Interacting with professional bodies and government officials vising the plant


  1. Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related discipline is required
  2. Coren Satisfied ,Master’s degree in related field is an added advantage
  3. Minimum of ten (10) years relevant experience in Cylinder Manufacturing industry
  4. Minimum of Five (5) years’ experience in a similar role



 Effective coverage of designated area using available tools as well as the maintenance

of existing customers, discovering /conversion of new leads to active customers.

 Drive Marketing / Sales performance through implementation of agreed initiatives

directed at achieving targets across all range of Lubricant products

 Manage Key customer accounts performance, trends and determine appropriate

actions to address issues to optimize the business and deliver best –in-class customer


 Strengthen the Lubricant product re-distribution strategy in the market and work

assiduously with both internal and external stakeholders to improve the profit market

share and brand image of the company.

 Must process New product developments drive to expand product basket in increasing

market share and tailoring products to suit customers demand

 Respond promptly to customer’s enquiries / complaints through phone calls or social

media and resolving them satisfactorily or referring them to the appropriate authority

for urgent resolution.

 Strengthen the retail and re-distribution strategy of the company as it concerns his /

her area of coverage

 To provide the business group with Marketing / Sales intelligence as it relates to

competition, their activities and feedback analysis to further equip management with

decisions from an informed perspectives.

 Any other assignment that could be given from the office of the Head of the Business


Salary range per month: ₦ 150,000 - ₦ 250,000



Responsible for overseeing the overall business operations strategy as this is crucial for growth and profitability of Group Operations; cutting across; Retail Sales, Trading, Logistics and Depot Operations.

          Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Evaluate performance data / metrics and implements measures to ensure achievement of operational / financial targets
  2. Prepares and implements the annual budget for the core business units and monitors performance to ensure that variances are minimized
  3. Allocates resources as required by the various operations
  4. Oversees the development and implementation of operation business strategies, objectives and plans to achieve corporate targets.
  5. Oversees the management of relationships with key business partners
  6. Reviews and presents management and regulatory reports on core business operations
  7. Ensures adequate crisis prevention and crisis management measures are in place across all core business locations
  8. Puts in place measures to ensure that approved operational standards, procedures and practices are consistently rolled out and adhered to across core business units
  9. Ensures adequate training and performance management support is provided for the development of core business unit staff
  10. Drives compliance with governance, risk management and effectiveness standards and recommendations across the core Business Units.
  11. Engages with the external communities, government agencies and other relevant stakeholders concerning business operations to ensure operations run smoothly at all locations


  1. Bachelor's degree in in a Social Science, Management, Accounting, Finance or Engineering or related discipline is required
  2. Master’s degree in business or related field is an added advantage
  3. Minimum of ten (10) years’ relevant downstream experience in the oil and gas industry
  4. Minimum of three (3) years’ experience in a similar role